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Category: Life

i forgot to keep up on here after making like 2 blogs but whatever… anyways is it just me or does anyone hype up their looks so much online that you forget what you look like and when you actually look at yourself you hate it? I do this a lot and it just makes so many insecurities for me…soo idk. » Continue Reading

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weird homophobes

Category: News and Politics

I always see people wining and saying stuff like why doesn’t the military get a month but gay people do, its always the ignorant homophobes that have nothing to do with their life but hate on gays and think of any tiny excuse to do so. Saying something like “military doesn’t get a month” has to be ignorant because the military does get a month, which is may, but these people are so hooked on pride... » Continue Reading

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hi ig

Category: Blogging

i think im just gonna use this to like say everything i want, tbh i made this acc months ago with the same intentions but i forgot abt it plus making my profile pretty was pretty hard but hi  » Continue Reading

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