weird homophobes

I always see people wining and saying stuff like why doesn’t the military get a month but gay people do, its always the ignorant homophobes that have nothing to do with their life but hate on gays and think of any tiny excuse to do so. Saying something like “military doesn’t get a month” has to be ignorant because the military does get a month, which is may, but these people are so hooked on pride month that they don’t do any research therefor they are exploiting the people who work hard in the military just to use their hated for gay people to fill their empty brains. In the time they are using to bash pride month they could be doing their research, spreading awareness, and celebrating the military but no they’re just using them for their shallow arguments. lmao i should post this on twitter.

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omg yes post this on twitter I want to see all of the shit that goes down with the homophobes being bigots and having stupid ass comments to make about that

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Fr, like if these guys are so homophobic then why do they spend all their time thinking about gay dudes

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