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"playing quake 2 and slurping baja blast"

boomer shooters are better

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it has been ages

Category: Friends

how is everyone? lots has happened for me I've found out things about myself I've gotten into lots more things I'm more of an indie rocker then a metalhead now so yea yea pretty cool B) Lurantis is my favorite pokémon now ig I'm finished rambling lol so uhh have a great day!! take care of yourself and always at least try to spread positivity!! I know it can be hard, even harder if you're going thr... » Continue Reading

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Category: Music

I love the band flesh water SO much they're part of a band called vein fm vein is heavy and I love vein BLUT FLESHWATER IS SO GOOOOOOOOD their stly is a mix of early 2000s metal and 90s shoegaze for example like imagine deftones x my bloody valentine GOD I LOVE THEM SMMMM AAAAAAAAA » Continue Reading

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Category: Books and Stories

trying really hard to get into homestuck but it just gets really confusing after the first 3, honestly feel like itd work better as a cartoon » Continue Reading

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