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ɔɐu ɐuʎouǝ ɥǝɐɹ ɯǝ

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

Do you know me?.......I thin k  I've seen you , in my dreams. I » Continue Reading

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Category: School, College, University

ISTG ik i already wrote about school but holy cr@p this is really kicking my @ss. All i have on my mind is food because i just had the worst lunch ever o-o shouldn't be eating school cheese mostly because I am lactose intolerant LMFAO!!  I honestly hope this isn't gonna end up like 4Chan bc if it does imma be the first one ou. But i lowkey wanna go on there, mostly bc of all the weird stuff that's... » Continue Reading

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Spotify and soundcloud

Category: Music

I feel like people give soundcloud too much shit, it's actually like really good. I legit be falling in love with the random playlists they give me. Although spotify is a good music streaming platform it's also very annoying, like please let me rewind a songgggggg without having to listen to 100 ads. » Continue Reading

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