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"hyperfixating on JTHM again "

my name is Bread!! Im Autism & ❤️ IZ

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drawing request

Category: Art and Photography

i asked in a previous blog for people to give me stuff to draw, this is still open so just put what you want in the comments » Continue Reading

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Category: Art and Photography

Haiiii :3 I've been having rlllly bad art block soooo, you people give me stuff to draw!! I will draw OCS, shipping (no proshipping) just canary of a character you want. No nsfw, proshipping, anti LGBT, animals cause I just can't draw them T∆T, and realism for the same reason. Otherwise, describe your person to me or give me a character! » Continue Reading

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stick and poke

Category: Blogging

I did a stick-and-poke today!! I'm not quite sure what I'm supposed to do now, I'm waiting for it to heal and stuff. I know I put Vaseline on it, is there anything I should know to be safe? My parents don't know btw. » Continue Reading

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invader zim or villainous fans interact

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

If you love invader zim, please friend me or something because I only know a single person who somewhat likes it and I'm getting sad about it. The same goes with villainous! if you even want to know about either of these shows id be happy to rant about it to you! I just want to make friends who have similar interests T0T » Continue Reading

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