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Passing thoughts about moving (even though I've lived in my house for 2 years)

Category: Blogging

It's so strange moving into a house that I used to visit sparsely as a child. Nostalgia eventually fades away into the background when I end up driving those same roads daily now, its my life and my home. These are no longer walls filled with stories and people I don't remember or never met. Now they're my walls, the secrets that lay inside are only my own. The sense of mystery and childlike wonde... » Continue Reading

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Art catchup

Category: Art and Photography

I didn't post some of my recent art so I'm doing that now lol » Continue Reading

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Dream art

Category: Art and Photography

Based on a dream I had where I was so tired of living on earth I became a sea creature on a far away planet. I had connected my mind to every organism on the planet and essentially was able to posses whatever I wanted, but the sea creature would hold the true me.  Once I had reunited with my human body back on earth I had found out that I had accidentally made myself immortal through that process,... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

Link to the blank:  Blank :3 ✢What's your name? Gizmo/Gizmoid ✢What's your favourite colour(s)? Periwinkle and pink ✢Your favourite colour combination(s)? Purple, pink, green and brown! Reminds me of fairys ✢What's your favourite animal(s)? Ferrets and Quolls, they are just so shaped ✢What's your favourite season? Winter is my favorite because of how it looks, but fall is a close second ✢What's yo... » Continue Reading

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