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✢What's your name?


✢What's your favourite colour(s)?
Periwinkle and pink

✢Your favourite colour combination(s)?
Purple, pink, green and brown! Reminds me of fairys

✢What's your favourite animal(s)?
Ferrets and Quolls, they are just so shaped

✢What's your favourite season?
Winter is my favorite because of how it looks, but fall is a close second

✢What's your favourite flavour?
Sour!! I love sour candy!! It makes my mouth bleed in a fun way

✢What's your favourite book/film genre?
I really like fantasy with action and romance stuff mixed in. I like slice of life but I have a hard time focusing if theres not explosions every 3 seconds.

✢What's your favourite fashion style/subculture?
Mallgoth! Love dressing mallgoth and seeing others do it too. Its just so freeing to do whatever you want

✢What are your hobbies?
Drawing and playing games mostly, I want to get into coding and computer repair though. I've been drawing for forever so its how I send most of my time

✢Why did you join spacehey?
Mostly to blog about things that don't fit on other social medias, but also to meet and talk to other cool people!

✢Where in the world do you feel most comfortable?
My bed <3 I love laying down and thinking about my characters but usually I end up just falling asleep

✢What's your dream job?
Computer repairs or fursuit making!

✢Which person/character are you most like?
Brian from Marble Hornets or Deuce from Monster High, they're just silly guys

✢Favourite song? CHOOSE ONLY ONE!!!
Tounge Tied - Grouplove. It reminds me of Eddsworld which has been my main interest for over 3 years now!

✢Favourite game? CHOOSE ONLY ONE!!!
Chibi Robo. Its got it all, little robot, aliens, cleaning mechanics, divorce, guns

✢Favourite food? CHOOSE ONLY ONE!!!
Chicken Tortilla soup. My longest standing safe food, even though it makes my stomach hurt so so bad

✢Favourite artist? (any medium! music/illustration/writing etc!) CHOOSE ONLY ONE!!!
Ze Sketch!!!! The creator of my current most favorite media, Agents and Kings

✢What's your favourite pokemon?
Houndoom, Gengar, Typhlosion, Flaafy, Pidove, and Espurr

✢You can be reincarnated as any animal EXCEPT human. What animal are you choosing?
A wolfdog! I just think they're neat :]

✢If an alien visited you, would you agree to go to its planet?

✢What movie, game or book do you wish you could experience again for the first time?
Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

✢What's the best superpower?
Shapeshifting, fursuit without having to make a suit

✢What's the weirdest thing you own?
My Naruto trading cards that I can't find anywhere anymore

✢Which fictional world would you visit?
The world of Agents and Kings

✢Recall something really obscure you know too much about.
The lore of the first two Care Bears movies and why they don't make any sense

✢Say three good things about yourself! NO NEGATIVITY!!!
I'm pretty good at art, I make people laugh, and I think I'm smart in some academic areas

✢What's the best way to say goodbye? (oh so smooth~)

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