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Category: Blogging

RANT ABT NETFLIX CANCELING INSIDE JOB BROS. I AM SO MAD AT NETFLIX. THEY ARE CANCELING INSIDE JOB????????? DAWGGG???? NETFLIX CANCELS EVERY GOOD SHOW LIKE THEY ARE LOOSING MONEY BY DOING THAT DONT THEY REALIZE THAT.? LIKE GRAB A FUCKING BRAIN OMFG. “Oh this show is doing really good! Let’s cancel it!”  WHATTTTT . Netflix is so fucking stupid .  As someone who uses Netflix a lot this is very upsett... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

Blog #3 BROS. I HAVE SCHOOL TOMORROW….. we’ll technically I did today BUT I did not go muahahaha BUTBUT THAT MEANS I HAVE TO GO TOMORROW :C hopefully I don’t fall asleep at 5 am again LMFAO » Continue Reading

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Category: Friends

Blog #2 Bro this might be a little rant-ish but I love my friends like, bro. They are so nice and very cool and they are just amazing like literally all of my friends are so amazing like how lucky am I!  Out of all the ppl in the world I get chosen by these mfs like wow /pos. Makes me appreciate everything that I’ve ever done cause like bro what if I decided not to download tiktok or what if I did... » Continue Reading

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How does this website work

Category: Blogging

Blog number #1 How does this website even work? I think it’s basically like my space but more Yk actually useable - anywhoo I think I’m getting the hang of it slighty , at least my profile looks cool » Continue Reading

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