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Bro this might be a little rant-ish but I love my friends like, bro. They are so nice and very cool and they are just amazing like literally all of my friends are so amazing like how lucky am I!  Out of all the ppl in the world I get chosen by these mfs like wow /pos. Makes me appreciate everything that I’ve ever done cause like bro what if I decided not to download tiktok or what if I didn’t get a phone or something like I would have NEVER met these guys but damn am i lucky that I did. 

Everytime i check my messages or anything and I see one of my friends texted me it just lifts my mood so much, I love talking to my friends and I could talk to em for hours without getting bored ong .

Sorry for the little rant I just have so much love to share LMFAO

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love stuff like this because I feel like sometimes people don't normalize just. saying how much you appreciate someone, friends r fucking AWESOME and you'll sometimes meet the coolest people ever in the weirdest most obscure places ?? a lot of my friends I would not have met if like very specific niche events didn't happen, I love my friends too and I hope ur friendships last a long time!!!!!!

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I AGREE!! And thank you ! I hope your friendships are long lasting as well:)

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