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the lover guy from last blog :(

Category: Life

I dont get it dude like i really like this guy and everything and he asked me out last night and i just couldnt say yes. he said he was fine being friends but like.. no. ive been in a bad relationship before and my last thing failed and i dont want that with us but i just cant date him. im scared of what might happen and im scared of how ill be treated and i feel like im just bad for him, hes a br... » Continue Reading

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New lover????

Category: Life

Okay, so.  I've had a crush on this dude for like 7 months now and he's finally showing interest in me!! We're on ft rn and omggggg hes falling asleep and talking and its soooo freakin cute!! Alr well I'll update yall if something actually happenes. (probs wont) » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

Omllll!!!! its finals week and i have 9 tests. im literally so tired and just wanna go on break already but my grades are like all C's and i really need to raise them so i have to do good on my tests. So far ive got a 90 on my english and 97 on my dance but those are my good classes. im screwed for history and child development... :[   » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

I just joined and this looks mad fun. I was looking around on my phone and started thinking about my space when this popped up, so i joined lol. I just need some new online friends so what's up! I go by Nene or Bee but those are just nicknames lol.  » Continue Reading

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