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Is it just me or...?

Category: Life

Is it just me or... does anyone else hate it when people call you emo and you're simply not emo? Me my sense of style is a mixture of grunge and mall goth (idk what to call it), and people ask me if I'm emo, I simply say no, but then the next day they'll call me emo even though I told them I'm not. I don't know. It's lowkey irritating me a lot.  » Continue Reading

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Category: Music

Only on them C's if it's breeze, Red Ruby Da Sleeze Chinese on my sleeve, these wannabe  Chun-Lis Anyway, nǐ hǎo (nǐ hǎo) Who the fuck told bitches they was me now? (Ooh) I knew these bitches was slow, I ain't know these bitches senile (ooh) Married a shooter case you niggas tried to breathe loud (brrt) Boom your face off, then I tell him, "Cease fire" I'm the A-B side Seven-hundred on 'em horses ... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

It pains me to feel that, people are so evil to hurt such a nice person. Over the years I've done nothing but love people yea I made a few mistakes in my lifetime ad let a few people down, but I don't think I truly deserve what I'm going through right now. » Continue Reading

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My Chemical Romance <3

Category: Music

JESUS. MAN, I love MCR so much my favorite songs are, "The End", "Helena" and "Thank you for the Venom" I could be happy, sad, angry with one of these songs and just zone out in my own world. Their my therapy basically. » Continue Reading

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