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❅Surgery Tf❅ [vent?, medical talk]

Category: Life

We had surgery done a week ago and it sucks ass. Luckily it was only a minor procedure done to (hopefully) reduce our pain, unluckily we have learned we are mildly allergic to skin glue and allergic enough to anti-allergy cream to get horrible rashes. Fun! Surgery recovering has made us so miserable, tho... It's not as painful or debilitating as our first one, but we're having such a hard time mov... » Continue Reading

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❅Health Issues Sux❅ [vent]

Category: Life

especially when u can't get on answer on what's wrong w/ u :( at this point we'd rather be told we have smthing srriously wrong w/ us than continue being told there's nothing wrong w/ us when we feel vry wrong. we know it's not normal 4 ur chest to hurt when u lie down, or to get sudden pain in ur ribs, so why do all of our test come back saying we're normal? it makes us feel like we're overreacti... » Continue Reading

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❅Computer & Visual Novels❅

Category: Games

grabbing some little friends and sitting down w/ some monster to play visual novels is the best feeling in the world :) plus we're really happy w/ how our computer turned out (its fairly new, built by hand .w.) and we made our desk space super cute so we're extra comfy and about the visual novels!! we started katawa shoujo recently, haven't gotten onto anyone's routes yet but we rlly hope we get r... » Continue Reading

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Category: Quiz/Survey

doing personality quizzes online is so much fun ^ ^ it's like being a little kid on quotev again. we remember we used to always "fake" answers to get cooler results, hehe. here's some of our interesting results from quizzes we did recently, feel free to link to more & we might do them~!! u can get to all the quizzes we did by clicking on the images btw! » Continue Reading

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