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❅Health Issues Sux❅ [vent]

especially when u can't get on answer on what's wrong w/ u :( at this point we'd rather be told we have smthing srriously wrong w/ us than continue being told there's nothing wrong w/ us when we feel vry wrong. we know it's not normal 4 ur chest to hurt when u lie down, or to get sudden pain in ur ribs, so why do all of our test come back saying we're normal? it makes us feel like we're overreacting, or even faking it, but we'd know if we were doing that & we know we don't want to feel this way.

at least we get answers of what's wrong with our feet, dealing w/ them may be scary, but at least we know what's wrong and y we're in pain when it comes to them (┬┬﹏┬┬)

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sorry to hear that dude, hope you get a diagnosis soon

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