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Existence? Who are we?

Category: SpaceHey

Does anyone think a lot about how small we are compared to the world. I question who I am and how it’s possible to fit in when theirs millions of other people. It’s hard, whenever I’m alone with my thoughts for more than a few minutes I think about other peoples lives. Do you ever just want to be someone else with a complete » Continue Reading

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Recent Favorite Quote

Category: Writing and Poetry

"There is something beautiful about the past, and about the way it haunts us. The way we pass through moments like walking through doors. The way we shut some out and the way we welcome some to stay. Our memories are ghosts, and they will always remind us of all the things we no longer have." ~ R.M Drake » Continue Reading

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Invader Zim

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

Peace is nice. Peace is nice. Peace is better than... CHICKEN AND RICE. Peace Peace Peace. Nice Nice Nice. Peace Peace. Chicken Chicken. Rice Rice Rice           ~ Gir I just watch Enter the Florpus again, I can't contain how much I fuxking love Gir! » Continue Reading

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