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Got a new phone!

Category: Blogging

FINALLY!!!!!!!! I got a new phone for the first time in a while! Also ordered a très cute case to go w it.  Not the exact case in question, but it's too adorable not to share. THinking about getting a cheapo pc tablet so I can draw on my pc again, but that's gonna b later and I can draw on my phone just fine for now. Anyways, I'm a producer on a student film project and » Continue Reading

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New fall semester, new me

Category: School, College, University

Ok, after a long, sweaty process, I've moved back into my normal dorm. I'm hoping I can do better than my previous semester. A lot of Fs. This should be the one where I finally start getting ready to graduate. I got approved for work study and though it may be hard to juggle that with my normal job, I want it to help me get my foot in the door. If it works out, I should be able to get animation/me... » Continue Reading

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Fuck my bank

Category: Blogging

Ok, super not nice news. Due to being overdrawn, I've ended up with only about $8 in my wells fargo. My dave bank got like the rest that didn't get directly paid to my dumbass bank, which is good. But it didn't give me a lot of money to buy food. Plus I thought I was going to get all of the money I made, so I spent a lot of that money on uber eats. Kinda dumb of me, I know, but can you blame me? I... » Continue Reading

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Spring semester retrospective

Category: Life

Ok, got my finals done. Honestly feel bad I didn't get as much done as I would've liked, but I also understand that isn't how it goes sumtimes. I think school would've been easier this year if I didn't have to juggle a whole bunch of appointments and my job. It feels like that really complicated things. I gotta move sum of my stuff to my summer housing dorm in a few days, which is gonna suck, but ... » Continue Reading

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Finals or w/e

Category: Life

I'm trying to get thru some finals stuff, but I'm having some really bad chronic pain stuff. Not to mention, I'm dealing with my job which is super understaffed. I work there on weekends and it's really gets in the way of doing my finals stuff. Also I'm broke right now cuz I had to buy a 2nd fan cuz summer's coming and my college does not have AC, uuuuuugh. I'm really worried about how I'm gonna d... » Continue Reading

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