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Category: Friends

Y'ALL I GOT SOME NEWS!! SO BASICALLY, at The Barn the opps found us. They threw us in the patty wagon and tried to lock ya boy up, LUCKILY Arga came in with a business of monkeys and saved us all, YAY! We found a new barn and now have a better place to call home. If you like wanna get WIGITTY WIGITTY WHACK at the NEW BARN with us here's where you can join.  https://discord.gg/SU2JP29y » Continue Reading

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Come harvest corn with me!

Category: Friends

Just a little side note, I'm not usually active on here so if I don't respond to IM's I am sincerely sorry. If you do wanna talk to me and get a friendship blooming I suggest hitting up my discord dawg! Or if you wanna harvest some corn with me and my peeps check out the barn! https://discord.gg/KJRS6sVMff :D » Continue Reading

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Which is better? kraft mac n cheese or Velveeta shells n cheese??

Category: Food and Restaurants

Okay so I've had this debate a couple of times but it's not enough for me. I need to know the public's opinion on this. Which is the best brand of mac n cheese? Personally I've only eaten Kraft and Velveeta Mac n cheese, but to be fair Velveeta isn't technically "Mac n Cheese" because the noodles themselves are not Macaroni shaped but come in the form of shells instead. Then it comes down to the c... » Continue Reading

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