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Which is better? kraft mac n cheese or Velveeta shells n cheese??

Okay so I've had this debate a couple of times but it's not enough for me. I need to know the public's opinion on this. Which is the best brand of mac n cheese? Personally I've only eaten Kraft and Velveeta Mac n cheese, but to be fair Velveeta isn't technically "Mac n Cheese" because the noodles themselves are not Macaroni shaped but come in the form of shells instead. Then it comes down to the cheese property, now Kraft has powder cheese and not liquid cheese like Velveeta which in my personal opinion lowers the richness in the meal. Granted Kraft is the most popular Mac and Cheese brand but that doesn't necessarily mean it has better taste properties. For example, Velveeta has a more rich and creamy texture because of the liquid cheese, but Kraft has a more cheese flavored noodle taste which I enjoy as well. Velveeta also isn't as popular because it's a little more expensive but that also depends on where you shop and inflation. That is my personal opinion on Kraft and Velveeta, I can't really pick which one I like more but I need some other opinions on the topic. 

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Velveeta is 100% better the kraft mac n cheese powder gets everywhere and its so hard to mix in all the way velveeta is so much easier and it just tastes better!! (love ur pfp btw :))

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Thanks bro

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dude velveeta all the way. kraft is dry and it tastes like salt. kraft is so fucking bad. i dont eat either, but if i had to choose VELVEETA. got DAMN

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