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can’t figure out my hair type helppp

Category: Life

Growing up, my hair was straight with a slightest bit of wave. But it seems to change in time i guess or i use the wrong products for my straight hair. I have really really thick hair also. Whenever i wash it, my front strands always curls and the back of my hair stays with the slightest bit of wave. And when i do the curly girl method my hair just looks so frizzy. The back of my hair doesn’t even... » Continue Reading

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what once was tickles my brain cells

Category: Music

To me, it is the best song ever. Just something in the melody or the voice just hits so different. I remember playing it last year at my lowest points and just burst into tears. Not that it's a sad song but it messes with my head. Now i don't play so often so i don't get bored of it lol » Continue Reading

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septum piercing hurts asf

Category: Blogging

Just got my septum pierced. And i litteraly cried from pain in process. The scissor thingy they use to hold the nose, hurts like hell. This was my second piercing and i don't know if i will do such thing to myself hahsasjash. But it looks alright i guess :\\ » Continue Reading

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