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Some things about me

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Hey! I’m Estelle, I’m 14, and I use she/her pronouns, but I suppose they/them is fine too. If you can’t tell from my layout, I love Vocaloid! Hatsune Miku is my favourite. She’s so cool! My favourite colours are pink, brown, cream and grey. I suppose my clothes style could be described as light academia. My interests include poetry, music, drawing (although I’m not good, I still enjoy it) and writ... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

Hello, I’m sorry this is a day late. Last night I was busy, but I can write about yesterday now, and then edit this later with what happened today. My blog isn’t necessarily just for writing about what happens in my life. However, I still think it would be interesting to write sometimes about what I do daily. So yesterday was honestly quite stressful. I have exams coming up, so my teachers are con... » Continue Reading

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