Some things about me

Hey! I’m Estelle, I’m 14, and I use she/her pronouns, but I suppose they/them is fine too. If you can’t tell from my layout, I love Vocaloid! Hatsune Miku is my favourite. She’s so cool! My favourite colours are pink, brown, cream and grey. I suppose my clothes style could be described as light academia. My interests include poetry, music, drawing (although I’m not good, I still enjoy it) and writing. When I’m older I’d like to be an author, writing YA books and perhaps books for children too. My favourite genre of story to write is romance or fantasy. Perhaps one day I’ll post some of my chapters on here! 

I’d like to get more into blogging. Starting from tomorrow (14/10/22), I will attempt to blog about my life, my experiences, my hopes, dreams and thoughts, daily. 


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sara <3

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you sound so cool im going to try to read all your blog posts i hope you have fun writing them :]

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Thank you! You’re so kind

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