I’m sorry this is a day late. Last night I was busy, but I can write about yesterday now, and then edit this later with what happened today. My blog isn’t necessarily just for writing about what happens in my life. However, I still think it would be interesting to write sometimes about what I do daily.

So yesterday was honestly quite stressful. I have exams coming up, so my teachers are constantly putting pressure on me, making me feel that no matter how much I study it won’t be enough. Maths is challenging and dull as always, no change there. Thankfully, I had English, which is my favourite subject by far. At the moment we are practicing writing skills, but next term we are moving onto poetry, which I of course cannot wait for. 

When I got home, I listened to some music to unwind. Here’s a playlist I enjoyed: https://youtu.be/iwt0qSAynqY

I’ve been searching for a new book, but I can’t find any ones that hooked me. I may go to the library later on today and try find a good book; my favourite form of escapism. 

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