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15, aroace, and very gay for fictional characters

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Im alive I sware XD

Category: Life

 I didn't mean t0 t0tally fall 0ff the face 0f the internet there X__X I'm finally starting sch00l s0 I'm h0ping that n0w I have a steady day t0 day schedule I'll be able t0 get back t0 p0sting and all that! » Continue Reading

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I lived bitch

Category: Blogging

bleh s0rry I've been g0ne f0r f0rever, I'm in the middle of a m0ve and registrati0n f0r sch00l s0 I've had zer0 time t0 make bl0g entries X__X  I sh0uld h0pefully be d0ne with all this s00n and can get back int0 a schedule irl giving me m0re time t0 make stuff! » Continue Reading

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Plush making g0t messy t0day XD

Category: Art and Photography

I'm making a plush of my character Fuzzy s0 I picked up s0me fake fur and I am abs0lutely c0vered in the stuff X__X I have a feeling this is g0nna take 4 ever t0 clean up XD » Continue Reading

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