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Category: Blogging

i just broke up with my boyfriend that ive had for over a year...ams big sad  » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

im so mad at someone for little to no reason she assumed im a bad person and it jsut ughhh it pissed me off when ive gotton so far in my life it means nothing to someone who used to mean everything it just makes me angry thanks for letting me vent have a nice afternoon yall  » Continue Reading

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cats dogs and rats

Category: Pets and Animals

cats take care of them selves  dogs depend on you  rats-  they sit and they chew  they scare people unless they are found in a pet shop or zoo  people think rats are dirty  people think rats are mean  but the truth is rats are smart and very very clean  people like dogs for the cute faces and the snuggles  people like cats for the bossy sass and daily struggles  why do i like rats? why is that so?... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

hair too long is gross  hair too short is too much like a boy  hair in the middle is too basic  brown hair is boring  blonde hair makes you dumb  red heads are deemed evil  but color your hair and people think your only feeling is numb  dont brush your hair and people think you look bad  but brushing your hair  giving it a style seems too privileged  curls are too much  straight is too bland  wavy... » Continue Reading

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