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wanting new ideas

Category: Art and Photography

hey guys im just wondering what should i paint because i have this piece sitting unfinished so ive basicaly have a hill and a sky does anyone have ideas of what i should add i will post it when im done » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

guys idk what to do anymore im falling behind on my school work and i cant sleep at night and the only time i dont feel sad is when im lissening to music and i cant do that all the time. my mom is have drug problems and id have a dad in my life and id feel i can talk to my parents because im scared they will judge me for it id know what to do anymore » Continue Reading

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1 Comment

1 Comment


Category: Friends

looking for friends to talk to » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

dont you hate when u are just fine one moment, then everything hits u like a train. like how much people you have lost and how u are not ok and have never been. jay. » Continue Reading

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