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Category: Podcast

okay my friends are super tired of me talking about this so I have nowhere else to turn to but spacehey. HAVE YALL EVER HEARD OF THE SUSAN BOYS PODCAST??? It was started in early 2020, a little b4 the pandemic, by The Right Opinion and j aubery. It was supposed to be a commentary podcast speaking about the different dramas at the time, but half of time it turned into them just dicking around and l... » Continue Reading

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does anyone know how to get rid of those blue boxes on my profile :CC

Category: Blogging

under interest my heading is my desired color but the space inside it is still the classic space blue. Does anyone have the code to change this??? » Continue Reading

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A small drabble i made in about 5 mins

Category: Writing and Poetry

there are goosebumps pricking on my shoulders, where strong, gentle hands are supposed to squeeze me and pull me close their chest. and there are tears on my cheek, where plush lips are supposed to kiss and whisper, till it's all right, till i know they care. there are shivers, running up and over my spin, where love, softness, and a hug would be. (But of course, nothing ever replaces them.) - ech... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

how do people read crack smut???? I have just read the most bs, tomfoolery-ish, stupid paragraph known to man, I read the tags but nothing couldve prepared me for this oml it so bad  » Continue Reading

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