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My Penis is Nonbinary: How GRS helped solidify my nonbinary identity.

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

I have a cock now.  I named him Leviathan because I’m ironic.  My cock is little and sits between my hairy balls.  I underwent a full metoidioplasty on June 26, 2020.  I really didn’t care about penetration or even standing to pee (which I can do).  I only cared that I had functional (I can urinate and get hard) “male” anatomy.  I got something better. I came out as a trans masculine nonbinary per... » Continue Reading

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This does nothing for me: Gay/Bi Trans Men and Transmasculine People and Exclusion of “Inclusive “Spaces.

Category: Blogging

I recently read about a bath house that was marketed as “queer run”. My first though:  “Oh cool, I could definitely go here with my boyfriend” The article, however, contained the following popular phrase:  “This space is for women and trans people” (paraphrased). So no, I could not take my boyfriend and I to a queer run spa, even if I may belong there based on the general definition of “trans”. If... » Continue Reading

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