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"Make out with me in the pouring rain"

He/him or it/its| Pfp is me| I'm your Local emo dork

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About Axel :D [chorus: yaaaaaaaay]

Category: Life

Basic info ! Name : Axel  Nickname : Axe, green or anything  Age : Top secret  Gender : I am a Non-Binary Male Sexuality : Pansexual whom is Also Hypersexual Likes : Drawing, Makin friends, Halloween, Stuffed bears » Continue Reading

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DNI + BYI [may add more and TW: ED mention]

Category: SpaceHey

BYI-  I get VERY emotionally attached to people i like. I am sensitive even if I act tough, little things like yelling make me cry I cuss sometimes I may use kys/kms jokes I talk, alot. I'm really kind ^^ and I don't mind meeting others I flirt, like way to much lmao I CAN'T READ THINGS WITH THE NUMBERS I have an ed » Continue Reading

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