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Category: Life

So as I'm sure many (or none haha) of you have noticed I don't get on this site much anymore. This is due to the fact that, sadly, my scene phase was in fact a phase and no matter how many styles I try I always find myself going back to goth culture and fashion. The reason I was gone for so long was because I was debating whether or not I should even make a big deal about it and switch accounts or... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

So you girl waz grounded for 2 monthz bc my algebra grade waz literal TR4SH :[[ BUT I'm baaaaack!!!!!! And I'm so happy 2 see yall didn't 4get me lolol so nice 2 be back! :] » Continue Reading

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Diary I guessss :P (december 2021 update)

Category: Blogging

I'm g0nna be using this bl0g entry kinda liek an 0nline diary that i'll just update every n0w and then  s0 plz keep up with it!!1!11!!! Every time I update I'll put it in the title s0 u can see it when u view my pr0file, anywayzzz just wanted t0 say that i'm s0000 ready t0 get my snakebitezzz XDDDDD EEEEEEEEE I'm super pumped :] Kk anywayz i'll talk 2 y'all later baiiiiiii!!!!111!1!!1 July 22, 202... » Continue Reading

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Need reassurance 4 getting my snakebitez plz

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

D0es any0ne wh0 f0ll0ws me have snakebitez?? I'm getting them f0r my 16th in a c0uple weeks and I'M SCARED BR0 like h0w bad d0es it hurt??? I d0n't really have a l0w pain t0lerance but it's n0t super high either y'kn0w? plzzzz help!!!11!!111!!1 » Continue Reading

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Category: Friends

I really want sum new friendzz (preferably from 14-17) especially sum nice scene friendzzz!!! I'm kind of a B1tch sumtimezz but I'm never really disrespectful or mean lolol » Continue Reading

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