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Palestinian relief/aid links

Category: Life

If you have money to spare, please donate to/buy from any  of the following organizations/people as they are raising money for Palestinian relief/aid Palestinian Resistance Stickers/Magnets made by @sitcomabed on twitter (one of my mutuals). All profits are being donated and she herself is Palestinian. » Continue Reading

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Fun Music Analyzer Websites

Category: Music

these r so so fun so why not share them? all of these work on Spotify for sure. and Apple Music work on some, but not all. Obscurify  ! It not only tells you how obscure your music taste is, but it tells you things like your top decades and the moods of your songs.  Here   » Continue Reading

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What is wrong with people

Category: News and Politics

LINK TO PALESTINIAN RELIEF LINKS I'm so sick of people not taking a stance and not saying anything about the GENOCIDE (not war) of Palestinians. I know that seeing the images from Gaza can be incredibly disturbing but taking the time to repost and share someone else's messages and news about whats happening can help. Educating yourself and others can help. Listening to Palestinians can help. » Continue Reading

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Gerard Way/MCR Valentines

Category: Music

MCR valentines day cards for u to use to demonstrate ur My Chemical Rizz » Continue Reading

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Listening to all of MCR's albums in a day

Category: Music

Idk why I decided to do this, but I decided I'd listen to all four of their albums today and take the day off of school. I'm on "Welcome to the Black Parade" and I'm very excited to listen to Danger Days because it's the album I haven't listen to much of before. Tomorrow I'm going to listen to all the non-album music like Conventional Weapons and stuff. I also found this really cute portable CD pl... » Continue Reading

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