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"going thru it with the parasite eves"

she/her, 18, autistic, Cali girl

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A Small Question

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Does anyone know how to fix the custom cursors? Mine broke after my macbook updated recently so now the cursor only appears when it's on a link and I don't know how to fix it. Is anybody able to help? Any help is greatly appreciated, much thanks! » Continue Reading

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Category: Games

Super fun question: what's your favorite resident evil game, and which ones have you played(If you have played any lol)? My favorite is probably the original 1996 RE, with RE3 and RE1 remake as a close second and third!!! I've seen playthroughs for RE2 Leon (Scenario A), RE1 (Jill), and RE3 (with a mix of RE4), though I've played RE1 with Jill several times, and I've tried to play RE1 Remake, RE3 ... » Continue Reading

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Looking for Final Fantasy fans to vibe with!!

Category: Games

I'm a huge fan of Final Fantasy 8 and X (and other stuff, feel free to check my profile and see) and I'd love to find some people here to enjoy it with me!! Feel free to reach out and friend me if you're interested!! Booyaka! » Continue Reading

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My First Entry

Category: Blogging

Booyaka! (It's lingo I wanna spread.) Second day on spacehey and I'm having a great time!! Met a handful of great peeps (as well as seeing some peeps I know irl and online on here as well), a lot of KH fans!! I'm hoping to find some peeps that're fans of Final Fantasy (Mainly 8 and X) soon, but there's barely any groups at all! If you're a Final Fantasy enjoyer, def reach out to me!! » Continue Reading

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