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Category: Blogging

hey guys!!! i just re-read my previous blogs. they're from not that long ago but i feel they are very very silly /neg i sincerely apologize for anyone who had to see that, i also apologize for the fact that my blogs will probably continue to look like that. oh well. it is 5:10 am right now!! i am extremely hungry. also extremely bored. i can't sleep because i drank big energy drink can. L on my pa... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

hey guys i'm omw to prom rn. i'm kind of late. hope i'm not too late. #latina. kind of scared of ppl ngl... can u tag people on spacehey? idk. anyways i'm so blue and sparkly i'm in my #cinderella era but instead of being white and blonde i'm #latina. my mom told me to stop saying omg. i have a headband from claire's. it's already giving me a headache but if i take it off my entire hairdo will be ... » Continue Reading

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Category: SpaceHey

Hey! Someone please help me with this. I need advice. (Also i am using proper caps at the beginning of my sentence which is unusual for me, please ignore them.) anyways.  Do you guys use spacehey on your phone or another device??? Please comment what you use please!!! I need to know!!! Please. I need to know asap. If you see this tell me what device you use spacehey on the most!!  Xoxo » Continue Reading

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