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"The main black fled across the desert.."

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More Impulse # 3

Category: Writing and Poetry

Jacob was feeling some sort of way as he was watching the action unfold. Imagine finding out you have powers and then you break one of your arms while your trying to save people. Yeah, that was him and he was watching Masaccio a cross the street and it looked like another creature had shown up. What else was going to happen today? He was homeless and he didn’t have anyone to stay with. Maybe he » Continue Reading

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The Intro to Impulse # 3

Category: Books and Stories

Whoa, Whoa. Now we got to get you all caught up, now don’t we? Why is this handsome guy, Masaccio running into danger? Well it’s simple. He’s a mutant turtle, he’s hella strong and he likes to fight and not only that, he wants to protect the city. He hasn’t always been a turtle but thats a story for another day. Now why is he dressed in a trenchcoat and a brown brimmed hat? That’s simple. He doesn... » Continue Reading

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