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"[ my heart skips in love but theirs runs leaving me behind ]"

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[Character.ai things]

Category: Games

Listening to: The Less I Know the Better 01:43 ━━━━●───── 03:50 ⇆ㅤ ㅤ◁ㅤ ❚❚ ㅤ▷ ㅤㅤ↻ lıılıı » Continue Reading

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»»——> DNI + BYF <——«« 🧂

Category: SpaceHey

DNI: -Hybristophiliacs (like with IRL criminals. Tbh I don't care if you like, say, Patrick Bateman. I like him too, he's a cool character) -Racists » Continue Reading

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Addressing something + a resource

Category: Blogging

I've been noticing as of late there's a lot of people self harming or friends of other trying to commit suicide, or are self harming. I'm saying this straight up: yours, or their, feelings are valid. Be patient, and talk to someone. Don't promise someone, or dont make someone promise, that you won't tell anyone that you/they are doing that. You never want to do that. It stresses you, or the pers » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

Block and report for encouragement of sh, suggestions of someone kts/threat of someone that should be killed, gore pfps, harassment, and anything else you feel like adding. I' » Continue Reading

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◌○◎ Otto und Klaus ◎◌○

Category: Blogging

Silly Ocs that are WIPs eheheh ... ■□■□■□■□■■□■□■□■□■■□■□■□■□■■□■□■□■□■■□■□■□■□■■□■□■□■□■ Klaus Stüder- broad and tall, with a little bit of muscle, but mostly lean. Neat blonde hair, pretty brown eyes. Speaks German and broken English. Has Leu » Continue Reading

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♠︎ My Spider-Man Noir Notion♠︎ヾ(´ï¸¶`♡)ノ

Category: Blogging

I made this and it took about two hours, i still am finish up some details atm.  » Continue Reading

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♬ My Sailor Uniform Dress ♪ ⚓

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

Cottontail Originals Size: M Length: Ankle 100% cotton, made in the USA, bought at an antique shop for $30 even (I also purchased a Beaker from the Muppets for $7). I have these gold sailor buttons as well that'll eventually post as well that my mother gave me.  » Continue Reading

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✿ OC- Carl S. Stein ✿

Category: Art and Photography

Name: Carl Stevenson Stein, 'Shark' Dirty blonde hair, light olive skin, honey-brown eyes, Spanish accent, broad chest , pouty lips, 6' 0 He's a grumpy, tired, quick witted man. He definitely paints his nails black, wears skinny jeans despi » Continue Reading

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☆ Tv/Movie characters in Video Games ☆💾

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

I found these all on YouTube! They're really well done and comedic even if you don't know the character.  RESIDENT EVIL: John Wick in RE4 » Continue Reading

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