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Addressing something + a resource

I've been noticing as of late there's a lot of people self harming or friends of other trying to commit suicide, or are self harming. I'm saying this straight up: yours, or their, feelings are valid. Be patient, and talk to someone. Don't promise someone, or dont make someone promise, that you won't tell anyone that you/they are doing that. You never want to do that. It stresses you, or the person you made promise to keep it secret. 

You can be legally liable for someone's suicide in some places if they succed and you kept it secret as well. 

Get help by talking to a trusted adult, calling a suicide hotline, or suicide text hotline. This stresses others around the person in need of help.

Thank you. 


US suicide hotline: 988,call 911 if in immediate danger. 

Their official website

International Suicide hotlines

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