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More Art ~

Category: Art and Photography

Some art I did ~ Please DO NOT COPY, TRACE OR HEAVY REFERENCE MY ART!! » Continue Reading

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LF art mutuals

Category: Art and Photography

Pls 18+ only!  I usually draw commissions, sometimes collabs and fanart and I do draw personal art but I feel scared sharing it with others LMAOO  If you are more active on other platforms, u can add/follow me on there as well, and I will add/follow back ~ Tumblr  | Cohost | Ko-Fi | Art Haven | Toyhou.Se  | Pillowfort  | Twitter   » Continue Reading

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Stop spamming bruh

Category: SpaceHey

bruh im browsing the layouts, looking for new ones and the fkn spam for the autoplay code is so annoying,, just make ONE post for the autoplay code and explain how to add and change the YT link,, don't spam the same code for 10 different songs wtf,, OOF » Continue Reading

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Some useful codes

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

The online blinking icon on your profile ~  You can adjust the W and H, I have it at 90x90 atm  Custom cursor ~  I am using one from this site -  Have music play on your profile ~ YouTube > Find your song > Share > Embed > Copy just the yt link (mine is » Continue Reading

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Art Commission | Elijah

Category: Art and Photography

Bust up commission for August@Discord of their character Elijah~  ©  Art by Hinab Ku  ©  OC Elijah belongs to August  Do not COPY, TRACE or REFERENCE my art. » Continue Reading

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Free Pixel Art

Category: Art and Photography

I made this back in 2019/20 when i was trying out pixel art LMAO, yall are free to use it, add it to your profiles, etc, just make sure you credit me  (˘▾˘) DeviantArt links: -  Strawberry Milk - Magic Potion » Continue Reading

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