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"i hate it here."

21. he/they. pan. CO. bad social skills.

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howdy! please read this before adding me!

Category: Friends

so i’m quickly realizing how many minors are on here lmao…so i thought it’d be a good idea to make a DNI, thin ice, and a pls interact list! DNI - anyone 15 and under*. i’m sorry. i’m sure y’all are great, but y’all are too young. - homophobes/transphobes/racists…i feel like that’s obvious - in general if you’re » Continue Reading

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my favorite spotify playlists

Category: Music

these are playlists I have made! and for this specific post i’m just sharing the playlists i’ve been listening to a lot more recently. at the end, i’ll include my twitter thread of all of the one’s i’m actually proud of. and my spotify account is linked in my profile! - mysterion  (south park) » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

how does this thing work » Continue Reading

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