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HEY. does any1 have ps3 minecraft.. and maybe wanna play. with me.

Category: Games

literally no 1 i know has a ps3 with minecraft and is willing 2 play???. like ... playing on the ps3 is so nostalgic fur me... and i like it so much more than on the switch. also i can't play java rn mai computer SUX i'm gonna b saving up 2 get a new one once i start commissionz.. SO. yeah uh if mew have ps3 mc and wanna play friend me and shoot me a message.. and like. i'll reply when i see it!!!... » Continue Reading

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sketched my little sisters mlp oc

Category: Art and Photography

their name is avery they're nobinary and use mainly they/them but you can call them whatever! i didn't design them or anything, and my sister was the one to tell me everything about them. they also have an adopted daughter named kiki who has been kidnapped by princess celestia (?) also they will be a monarch eventually but not yet ? not too clear of lore on avery here .. » Continue Reading

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finished ponysona!!

Category: Art and Photography

meows at you (link fur if the image isnt showing https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/799456397334020116/931365551723393054/ponypony.png?width=863&height=473 ) » Continue Reading

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wee vampire skunk :3

Category: Art and Photography

its just my silly little fursona look at it go » Continue Reading

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