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"killing horny teenagers"

16 years old, korean, raging homo, insane scream fan

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i love myself

Category: Blogging

(this is not an ego thing, just affirmations bcus im insecure) i love myself. i love my body, i love my face, i love my hair, i love my voice, i love my posture, i love my smile, i love my teeth, i love my curves, i love my laugh, i love my nails, i love my weight, i love my hands, i love my body hair, i love my legs, i love my thighs, i love my arms, i love my scars, i love my belly rolls, i love... » Continue Reading

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pictures of me

Category: Blogging

no comments on my weight pls ^_^ » Continue Reading

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rich people

Category: Blogging

rich people aren't real. they can't be. wdym you have more than 2 houses ??? wdym you have more than one car ??? I'm so confused. these people have enough to live in luxury and still have a ton of money left over to do whatever they want with. how is that possible » Continue Reading

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derek feldman

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

i NEED to find more people who love/appreciate derek feldman from scream 2. they're so rare to find. i live,breathe, and eat derek feldman !!! if you're a derek feldman, randy meeks, and/or roman bridger fan PLEASE comment so i can friend you :D » Continue Reading

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an afterlife?

Category: Blogging

sometimes i sit down and wonder if the afterlife exists or not. a part of me believes it's real, and the other part of me doesn't. i just don't want to die and then it all be all over. i want another chance, maybe even reincarnation. i don't know, dying and then never doing anything again is just scary. » Continue Reading

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