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15, He/him, Polish. All art on here is by me

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Category: News and Politics

Reposting this from my instagram because more people need to know about this. Pierce The Veil, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, and Cobra Starship are all zionists. Look at images below for proof. PIERCE THE VEIL: MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE: ^^ TWITTER LINK:  » Continue Reading

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(art post) that giiirl

Category: Art and Photography

ever since i got ahold of this computer it's been soooo fun i havent used a computer properly in like a couple years lol tgis is literaly a shitpost lol idc i had so much fun making it. also ths blog entry is kinda a test to see how my art would do on here ---->  watch my alt men yaoi video boy   » Continue Reading

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friend reqs

Category: SpaceHey

Sorry 4 not accepting any  pending friend requests! i have not been online for a while and i am just now starting to get back in this website. im trying to be more open and add more people myself as i never do stuff like that. i want to start making friends again bcuz as of lately ive been feeling rlly lonely » Continue Reading

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i changed my username on all platforms

Category: Life

xxbloodsuckr/xbludsucka -> skelocity My last username did not feel connected to me anymore so like. Okay changing it whatever » Continue Reading

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