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Erm! What the shimgle?!

Category: Blogging

I feel like my entire profile gets the message across of what the fuck I do but there's still other stuff :3 • Honkai Star Rail ID: 603378871 (Trailblazer level 55?) • Love Nikki ID: 109301146 (Doesn't really matter since I have a guest account) • Shining Nikki ID: 3001479949 • SINoALICE ID: 632407718 (Lost my old account so restarting) » Continue Reading

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Me when I get told I have alpha gal

Category: Blogging

i had a mental breakdown and then after 2 hours was like "ok im going to go play games now" in all actualality it sucks LMAO » Continue Reading

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allergies moment

Category: School, College, University

I've been struggling to even get out my laptop LMAO my fucking allergies rn are god awful  Also I type like Greg Heffley writing in his diary  BUT ANYWAYS having a sore throat sucks and I hate missing school, but there's my little rant » Continue Reading

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Survey I stole from someone in my friends list who stole it from elsewhere

Category: Quiz/Survey

gay people  1. Are you questioning still? Partly, I identify as omniromantic-asexual-nonbinary but I just think that label fits me 2. Are you in the closet? Not really! I'm pretty open in school and shit about the fact I think kissing girls would be nice and I honestly don't care what people think 3. Do you live in a transphobic and/or homophobic household?  My dad supports me and so does his girl... » Continue Reading

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