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[Science Tidbit] Fun Fact about Black Holes

Category: School, College, University

You all might already know abt this, but i'm tellin it anyways Correct me if i'm wrong anywhere. Also, please add info in comments if you know more abt this: Black Holes is basically a particle which has extreme huge density (ρ) (or Mass (m) ), but occupies only a very small space (or Volume (V) ). Since, ρ=m/V, It has like extremely huge amt of Gravitational force on it (Since Fg=GMm/r^2, and F=M... » Continue Reading

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Category: Religion and Philosophy

First Entry xD 12/23/2021 Genesis 1:1 In the Beginning, God created the Heauen, and the Earth| Edit: I don't deny Science LOL, in fact, I'm a student of Science xD. Just love to explore the Creation/Formation of Universe and Life in it, and do love to explore the vast universe and cosmos xD. » Continue Reading

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