[Science Tidbit] Fun Fact about Black Holes

You all might already know abt this, but i'm tellin it anyways
Correct me if i'm wrong anywhere. Also, please add info in comments if you know more abt this:

Black Holes is basically a particle which has extreme huge density (ρ) (or Mass (m) ), but occupies only a very small space (or Volume (V) ).

Since, ρ=m/V,
It has like extremely huge amt of Gravitational force on it (Since Fg=GMm/r^2, and F=Ma)

Also, Gravitational Theory is a bit confusing nowadays, but acc. to relatively newer data, it i confirmed to be due to curvature of spacetime(although it' quite disputed nowadays)

also, it has an Escape velocity equals to speed of Light (c) (yep, noescape.exe for all particles).
also, due to the extreme gravitational force on it (The force exerted due to gravity), it sucks out all particles around it (well, the curvature of spacetime is so high in here). also, since the pull force is higher, the particles which get sucked tend to accelerate around the black hole closer to speed of light (~2x10^8 m/s^2), so there would be an interesting effect called Time Dilation (where if you move on the black hole for 1 hour, you would actually end up passing 1000 yrs in earth xD).

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