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back in the house!

Category: Blogging

decided to try and blog more frequently this year. whoop! ☆ lets see how this goes. happy really late new year! new year new me eh, or more like new year and the same bullshit all over again. so what happened since i didnt touch this site anymore?  my birthday was in december. i turned 22. it gives me such a feeling of anxiety that i cant put into place really. also it bothered me this » Continue Reading

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what happened wow

Category: Blogging

ive been here for a year now and how is this site now absolutely taken over by minors that talk about fetishes and illnesses? yall are sick in the head » Continue Reading

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heyo im back

Category: Blogging

i was a little busy because i was at a friends for 2 weeks or so and just didnt find the time to blog stuff. anyway today i had that clichee dream where you lose all your teeth. left me wíth a rather awkward feeling i cant really describe. june is around the corner and im going to see a lot of bands starting right off with mcr at the 6th and i am SO ready. a little afraid tho because it has been a... » Continue Reading

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check out my friends music on spotify if you can <3

Category: Music

hes called ocxiros, right now he only has like 2 songs but his first ep is coming out on may 13th c: it would mean a lot if you could maybe check him out he does a lot of genres, right now hes focusing on metal but he does a lot of stuff and if you wanna join his ride it would mean a lot! https://open.spotify.com/artist/5oD6BJfyu61bYNJqTpbXKL?si=RfzXGa7gS_igwzx16wgsOQ » Continue Reading

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whats your favorite mcr song ?

Category: Music

some of my favorites are headfirst for halos, drowning lessons, hang em high and thank you for the venom !! but they are like my all time favorite band so theres not really a song i dont like lol » Continue Reading

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