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20 Comments— 49 Kudos

Neon purple fox lineless art test!!!! xP

Category: Art and Photography

Last time I did lineless wuz like 3yrs ago, so I wanted to try again. Not rlly happy with the results. Felt like I did thingz in a way that was more complicated than necessary, so next time I do one, I'm going 2 do thingz differently. Anywayz!!! This is my raver fox OC, Lark :P Her bright colorz R great for testing stuffz xD Also I threw a lot of glitter on there just for funz uwu » Continue Reading

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2 Comments— 13 Kudos

Drew s new pfp for Halloween!!!

Category: Art and Photography

A quick sketch of Saturation with a pumpkin imp >:D One day I'll post something fully rendered 4 U guyz xD You can see more of her artz here: » Continue Reading

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69 Comments— 177 Kudos

Scene Doggo Notebook Doodle

Category: Art and Photography

Herez a doodle from my sketchbook of my sona, Saturation. Done on my tiny phone sized sketchbook using a cheap ballpoint pen & Crayola Twistablez xD Colors aren't perfect since I only have 18 to work with, but! I made do xD Don't need expensive supplies to draw stuffz xP » Continue Reading

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2 Comments— 14 Kudos

Necro The Promethean Fox

Category: Art and Photography

Herez a new character design I made for when I wanna draw something creepy cute, but simple xP He's a promethean (basically a Frankenstein's monster) fox that was made from roadkill parts by a mad scientist who hopes to one day be able to bring people back to life. Expect to see some little drawings of him (and maybe some short comics too) on occasion >:3c » Continue Reading

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Borealis - Art Trade

Category: Art and Photography

My $1d3 0f 4n 4rt tr4d3 w1th XxDespairFactionAshtonxX Br1ng1ng b4ck my 0ld h1gh$ch00l 4rt 43$th#t1c xD $up3r 3xc1t3d 2 d0 m0r3 l1k3 th1z!!! @0@     » Continue Reading

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Do you guyz remember All American Rejects?

Category: Music

Like, I remember they were uber popular back in the day & were on like bionicle commercials and whatever else.... but then they just kinda seemed to disappear out of the blue? Like, are they even still around anymore & if not, what happened? O-o btw I have this song super hella stuck in my head like constantly xD » Continue Reading

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8 Comments— 2 Kudos

Favorite Monster flavs?

Category: Food and Restaurants

B33n try1ng $0m3 n3w 0n3z 0ut l4t3ly. T0d4y 1'm d01ng Ultra g0ld. Wh4t fl4v0rz d0 U guyz l1k3 d4 b3$t? » Continue Reading

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Z0MG!!!!!1 ROFL XD

Category: Art and Photography

GUYZ L00K @ TH1$ H1L4R10US UB3R FUNNY M3M3 1 F0UND!!!!! xD *d13z* » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

Guyz... 1 dr4nk 2 much l4$t n1ght & 1'm dy1ng QAQ 4ls0, 1f 4ny0n3 1s g00d 4t c0d1ng l4y0utz 0n h3r3, plz PM m3 :'D  Th3 0ld l4y0utz d0n't w0rk & 4ll 1 kn0w 4r3 th3 0ld w4yz xD » Continue Reading

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