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Category: Art and Photography

Reintroducing commissions to help pay for tuition fees and a new laptop. Please share this if possible. Commissions for the minimum price of £12, including rendering. Tips would be appreciated depending on the complexity of the final product. Quick sketch commissions (example below) will be for £5.  I'd draw just about anything except full-blown gore and nsfw or over-detailed characters. This incl... » Continue Reading

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Tinkles! (and Jam)

Category: Art and Photography

They're way too important to be posted in a bulletin post where they will eventually expire.  Look at my little fellas » Continue Reading

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Art Dump. 2

Category: Art and Photography

There will be some blood in the art posted at the end of this post. [TW]  I have a digital sketchbook that I used to be a lot more consistent with when I first got my display tablet. Here are some of my fav pages and some others from 2022 ^^  A lot of my other pages are full of messy » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

I wonder if someday more people will read my story and think "Wow, this is really beautiful," the same way my only friend in another timezone does.   I put so much of myself to tell this story. It means a lot to me. Someday I know that it will have it's own secret club. A gathering of people who read and understand every thought and feeling behind the words.  » Continue Reading

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Music recs?

Category: Music

I don't mind any genre! I'm tryna explore as many things possible so feel free to drop some songs/playlists below.  I'm not sure if spacehey lets us put links in comments but I can try putting my instant msgs open if I figure out how to.. » Continue Reading

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