Art Dump. 2

There will be some blood in the art posted at the end of this post. [TW] 

I have a digital sketchbook that I used to be a lot more consistent with when I first got my display tablet. Here are some of my fav pages and some others from 2022 ^^ 

A lot of my other pages are full of messy scribbles and ugly sketches, so I'm hiding all that. I have a bit of a tough relationship with my art sometimes. I'm so keen on trying to improve that I forget to draw just for fun ; -; 

^ Eyeless Jack. 

^ Fanart for the manhwa 'Your Throne'. 

^ A concept art for an OC. She's still going through a redesign and I'm finally getting to writing more about my original characters. I've been putting it off for so long either with the excuse of overwhelming school work or the insecurity of no one being interested. 

Here are some bears I designed though! 

The art after this one will be including blood.

I made an experimental 3-page comic for these two that I think I will post separately later on. 


This was the first ever digital art piece when I bought my drawing tablet. I'm still really proud of it! It took me a few years of inconsistency to save up for my Xp-Pen since my parents are strict and not really supportive of art, yet I'm glad I pushed through. 

A little over a year ago, I found a perfectly dead dragonfly at a theme park. I brought it home with me and named it "Aurel" for it'sgolden green colour. Last year summer I was really close with someone who recommended the name "Aurelionite" after one of their favourite game characters. I broke it into three to create a 'holy trio'

I hope to redraw this someday. 


The Lion came after. Knight was supposed to be next, but I hadn't actually drawn out something proper for it. I don't think I ever will but that's fine by me. 

He always described to me that Knight was some sort of looming shadow. A faint memory. I think it's best to keep it at that. For now, at least. 

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sel <3!

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AHH UR SO TALENTED!!! i love ur art so much <33

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