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hi i'm posting in the park xd

Category: Life

this is such a vibe, seeing my favorite video site bitview go up in popularity and its sunny outside, figured i'd go to the park and take my laptop to blog about this awesome day i'm having. all of this thanks to a twitter post that made bitview get over one THOUSAND new users in one damn day lmao. i NEED to make a new video this weekend. as for now, here i am typing this in a field. i'll post pic... » Continue Reading

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kubuntu isn't that bad

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

not that big of a deal and all but notice how the kubuntu or kde amount of personalization has made me feel more at home and comfortable than windows does now, just saying. I'll still keep them both dual booted but my point is that linux has no interruptions and gives me more control. » Continue Reading

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greetings, museum of unimpressive people (like me)

Category: Blogging

i don't feel like posting here constantly because i already have somewhere else for that but if the thoughts become bigger and more interesting then expect them to be here, possibly mainly being about the garbage im intrigued by and maybe occasionally personal thoughts. i have a bitview page when i don't feel like typing to if you wanna see more out of me. bonne nuit. » Continue Reading

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