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[4/2/24]- Oc Drawing

Category: Art and Photography

I found an OC from about a year ago (?) and I wanted to draw her again. Kinda dropped xir because I was kinding it difficult to tie her story to another character's story but I like her so much I kinda wana re do it so she can get some spotlight. (Also I tried to post this yesterday but Spacehey doens't like me posting at like 2 am for whatever reasons) » Continue Reading

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[4/1/24]- Godtier drawing!!1

Category: Art and Photography

Yeah I drew myself but homestuck god tier!!! I really liked it  (I'm a page of Space btw) » Continue Reading

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I love stamps...

Category: SpaceHey

I finally got around to putting in some stamps and I love collecting them........  » Continue Reading

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Re-did my page!!!

Category: SpaceHey

Yeah I re-did my page cuz I felt it it was too much to look at at once.... I still think my page is missing something but idk what. Maybe something with the text but I don't really have much to say about myself in the about me and who I wana meet sectionz.... but yeah I really like homestuck rn and I found a Pesterchum layout  by hubert breast so that was really neat!!!  I've been wanting to get b... » Continue Reading

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