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i want love

Category: Romance and Relationships

i feel like its such a simple ask but i know im too picky to actually find someone my type. actually i dont know if im even that picky, the only big ask i have is "2000s emo boy" lmao. i just want to find someone to do cute stuff with. stay on calls till its sunlight, make cookies together, watch scary movies or go to concerts. someone to be there and someone i can trust.  » Continue Reading

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teen boys (rant)

Category: Blogging

please i cannot help but stress if ur a teenage boy don’t harass girls on campus. i fucking hate it everyday getting talked to by multiple guys i want nothing to do with. Not even starting conversations normally. just because i am obviously emo doesn’t mean that i’ll let h walk all over me. no im not gonna give u homework answers do it your fucking self. no i don’t wanna date u , i don’t even know... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

honestly i think ima just start sharing whatever the fuck i want to on here now.  like who’s gonna stop me and will i regret it in the future? probably but will that deter me now? hell no 凸(¬‿¬)凸 » Continue Reading

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