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About my work (PART 2!!!)

Category: Books and Stories

This blogpost is about "The Lost Kingdom" It's been my life project for the last two years, there's been many iterations, and most of the current canon lore is a really strange confusion of lore of all the past versions added with new contemporary shit. after a devastating world war, revolutions carried out by a mysterious organization lead the king of one of the four kingdoms to leave his realm, ... » Continue Reading

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About my work (part 1 of many, maybe)

Category: Books and Stories

So, I thought I'd share about some of my work in my blog - i guess that's literally what the blog is for, lol - and share it with you guys from spacehey. nobody's gonna see this, or even fathom to look into it, but anyways. This blog's topic: "The Couple of the 42nd" I had already talked about this in a bulletin post, but here i share it again. It's a short little love poem about a couple who are ... » Continue Reading

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